Enjoy the sunshine but be careful

Enjoy the weather folks but don't forget the sun-screen. We Irish as a nation are particularly susceptible to skin damage from the sun's rays.

Wear a broad brimmed hat if you can - baseball caps don't protect your ears or your neck.
And apply sunscreen carefully - sunscreen running into your eyes even with sweat, stings like a mofo
A Broad Brimmer you say? Black? what is your position on Ribbon maintenance? Sur nobody minds a bit of fray and wear on a ribbon

That looks great value. The Tilley hat is also water-proof so I'll be able to use it on hillwalking expeditions as well.

As someone else said above, once you start going bald you're more prone to sun damage.

Jack O' Rourke
The Richmond Revival, College Road, Fermoy, Co. Cork, P61 T292

5th Oct 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Sean Tierney

Dwyers Of Cork, Tomorrow @ 9:30pm

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