Elon Musk buys Twitter

Yeah i remember the big reveal and………there was nothing salacious or jaw dropping in there at all.
It seemed Twitter Washington had taken stuff down at the request of Democrats and Republicans alike , although there was more instances of the Democrats to be fair.

It certainly wasnt the “gotcha” moment that Musk claimed it would be . The fella that did the reveal (Matt Wallace) has gone on to prove himself to be an extremely poor conspiracy theorist/reporter.
Like bottom of the barrel stuff.

It was a complete non event.
This happened yesterday and it was about Brazil. I have no idea who Matt Wallace is
Just watching euro news there.

The Cyber Truck had been recalled due to problems..... With the accelerator pedal.

1. I thought that thing was a joke.

2. People bought it.

3. Being recalled??? How.

World has gone mad.

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