Echo Dot - it wont call people?!?!

OK, it can call people with the app but doesn't seem to work like a car bluetooth device with your normal call plan.

So it's a bit like what'sapp.

Advantages of the yoke? Well once you get your head around it then play music, search Internet, basically like Google home mini.

Good sound. As far as I can see so far it's the sound that's the advantage, also do stereo with two, not sure if Google mini can do that.

Control light bulbs is a fun toy, maybe turn lights on and off at home when travelling but a cheap timer and a cheap lamp could do the same. And fairly sure google home app can do the same.

A few more tests to do so I'll post if anything major pops up.
Nothing major but things are working.

I find the Google nest understands the auld Cork accent better but the Alexa app tops it.

Not everything is easy to set up, the light bulbs I got were a pain but the plugs worked fine. Just took a double step to set up.
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