De Tunnel

"Cork South Central Senator"? :unsure:

He wasn't elected in Cork South Central, and indeed on occasion I think his home hasn't even been in Cork South Central, but they'll keep trying to push Both-Sides-Buttimer :rolleyes:
I notice that as well from many senators. They are elected by panels and are supposed to represent various sectors and interests and not geographical areas.
Buttimer in particular seems to continually mouth off about his parochial area. Even his stance on a new elective hospital was extremely parochial. It's really about time that he was pulled up on it. Although I suppose he is nurturing his local political base for a future run for the dáil which totally defeats the purpose of being a senator and confirms that the senate is merely a dumping ground for failed TDs. Timmy Dooley is another senator who is using the senate as a kind of "sin bin" between general elections.


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