De Event Centre

Suck it up poorie. The waft of Billy roll off ya

Only 6000 seats? Oh well it will be full when the likes of jordan peterson comes to town. Cant see many bands playing to such small crowds though.

And still town crumbles before our eyes.

I believe the capacity of The Marquee is 4,000. And that's hosted some relatively big names like Little Mix, Elton John, JLS, 50 Cent, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, The Script, Pink, Eric Clapton, Flo Rida, Jay-Z, Morrissey, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, and Sting.

OK there'll be bigger names out there that can attract more punters but PUC has shown it can be a decent venue for the bigger acts which will attract bigger crowds.
Covney just wants to build this as his legacy. Is he off his game or whaaaa?

Town is falling apart, NMS is in an awful condition, Even roaches stores building started crumbling only two weeks ago. So yeah, immhoo we dont need an events center, we need town rebuilt and remodernised. Capital of culture fixed patrick street in 2005. Nothing has been done anywhere else to stop the decay.
Did I mention the cut of the area around the actual site for this shitfest? Its a run down hellhole, the nicest newish building is the dole office. But we must have an events center hey? Simon must be remembered for his great idea.

What a wanker, I hope this all falls flat. Why not use the site for the homeless? Whack up some prefabs and Robert is your mothers brother.
Best Of Cork Summer Special
City Limits, Coburg St.

27th Jul 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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Teddy Thompson

Cyprus Avenue, Tomorrow @ 7pm

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