ok.. lets go slowly here.. there is no bike NCT or anything like it so I wasn't suggesting the people who are fanatical about bikes should not be subject to your imaginary test

All I was saying is that HemmY got straight into trying to suggest that RTB was negligent about bike maintenance, and I pointed out that this is unlikely given the standard of bike he is cycling and his constant posting about his biking travails. It was a chain slip and the bike he is riding is a finely tuned instrument, it is unlikely he was cycling around with his derailleur out of sync, worn cassette or rings, stretched chain to that extent etc etc.
People just itching to blame him for it.

Just shows you the character of these 'people'
How does he keep out of the way of traffic when he cycles from Carrigaline to his work?

on one of these, silly
Aviation History Paul Cornu's Flying Bicycle 110th ...
Right, and what traffic was he near when he crashed?
Are you able to understand the written word ?

The here and now was, he was on his own and whatever happened he ended up on the road and he is lucky there was not a vehicle behind or close to him.

Now will you please point out, where I said there was traffic next to him when he crashed?
Keep well into the side of the road and try to get over his fear of rabbits jumping out suddenly from the ditch.
🤣🤣You really haven’t a glimmer. Cyclist has an accident because of some sort of failure with his bike and the lesson he “learnt” is that he should cycle on top of the ditch.
Actually after viewing his accident, his years of posting videos of close passes and not getting space from motorists has been totally vindicated.
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