Crash on Carr's Hil

Just saw the clip on tik tok

Just bizarre the way the audi(?) drifted in to the truck. You would nearly hope that they had some medical issue and not just on the phone
We see that every day here in country side, people driving 100 km/h down the small country road that is fit for 1 car. There is no sense in some people, sometimes i just put the his vis and stand in the middle of the road pretending I'm doing something, just to fuck with idiots and make them stop and wait for me to finish imaginary job
I also bought vintage tractor, on the weekends I just drive with kids up and down the road 15 km/h to piss idiots off, they have to follow me for 6 km, but hey, it's a small country road and a vintage tractor, what were you expecting by being here? :D
Driving purposely slow to “piss people off” ?

Do you ever think about the full
Impact of what you are doing ?
Grow up will you FFS..
It's a vintage tractor, can't go fast. People don't have any business to drive 100 km/h on a small 1 car country road. If they respect people living on the road, I wouldn't have to visit my neighbor 6 km away in my vintage tractor that only goes 15 km/h ;)
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