cork night Clubs & Bars back in the days

Anyone remember Erotic city was open for a while.
on your table was a silly pamphlet discussing 69´s and other stuff. forget where it was but it was off washington street
The Keg and the Grapevine nightclubs. You wouldnt even know they ever existed if you go to where they were now. Theres a medical center there now and no evidence that these places were ever there.
If you were a club or society in UCC at the time, all you wanted was to get a Thursday night in the disco draw. Cleared 2 grand out of the Keg one Thursday night - never dawned on me I'd have to walk back to UCC to get my bike to go home. Almighty breall.
Hysteria (mangans)
delacy house (Gorbys)
Worlds End (market place)
zoes (Scotts)
Roxanne's (the savoy)
The Pitz (Waxys)
CoCo's (Victoria Hotel)
Shandra's / NRG / The circus (grand parade Hotel)
Chew chew's (Crane Lane)
Georgia Browns (the Bailey)
Spiders (Cubin's)
Kro Jacks (Mangans)
Hifi At redz
SoulSide's & The BlackBox At Half moon Club
The Yum Yum Club @ Nancy spain's
Telefunkin (Metropole Hotel)
The Bogaga (Side trax)
lebowski's (Malbro street)


The 3 Ones .. :D

The Unofficial Pre party For henry's ...

You forgot Mr Bogart's!
Pretty Woman The Musical
Cork Opera House, Emmet Place, Cork

29th Jun 2024 @ 7:30 pm
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End Of Exams - Leaving Cert Party

Cyprus Avenue, Today @ 10pm

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