Cork Lord Mayor earns more than Russian PM

I think there is some motion coming before the council soon to cut the Lord Mayor salary from 123k(Unbelievable amount) to 62k.It will probably end up somewhere in between at around 90k at a guess.That would be still far to much.
all private sector workers should have come to an organised agreement a long time ago not to give another single cent to this crooked greedy parasitic bunch of fuckers in government/civil/public service and their cronies until their spending is reduced to a fraction of what it is and the numbers slimed way down. Instead of slashing the Lord Mayors salary just slash the Lord Mayor

Jimmy Crowley & Eve Telford
The Long Valley, Winthrop St.

1st Oct 2022 @ 3:00 pm
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The Guilty Judges

Clancy's, Tomorrow @ 10pm

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