Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Waterford and Limerick draw puts Limerick on 5 points and Waterford on 4. Cork have 4 points but Waterford have cork on head to head. Then a Clare win against Tipp puts Clare on 6 points. Munster final limerick vs clare and Cork are out . We don’t want a limerick vs Waterford draw!!
You could only be happy with that performance today. Connolly a game changer of a forward. Both Downeys very solid down the centre. Every player played their role and looked for the man in the better scoring position most times.

They're playing as a team and playing with an edge. Long may it continue. Barrett is having a stormer of a Championship and with so many threats spread around the forward its creating spaces.

We can say Tipp were poor but tbh up to half time they looked dangerous themselves. Once we closed off their puckouts and got a grip at MF they didn't have much joy.

Cork hurled well whatever about Tipp. Fingers crossed results go our way next week and this team can kick on again.
Stop worrying about next week lads, live in the moment. Up the rebelllllssss!

Looking forward to all the essays here tonight and tomorrow. Red & Blue going to have a stormer.

PS: Trying to get a pint here's fucking murder!!!
No I think I'll definitely worry about next week, we've arguably played the best hurling in 18 years and face the prospect of not getting a run to croke park if results don't go our way. I'm not going to sit on the we're Cork, sunny days in Thurles claptrap, Its and All Ireland or nothing, this team has the potential and its finally been tapped into!!!!
I thought Waterford played very well today but beating Limerick will be some ask in Limerick. Still Limerick could be a little nervy and Waterford have nothing to lose only to go for it. A draw would be a disaster but as we saw today not out of the question.
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29th Jun 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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