Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Other counties should now follow suit and encourage their players to keep on his case and along with the booing from the stands he's likely to do something stupid. some people will say it's not sporting behaviour but neither was his in the incident with Dalton. do anything you can to gain an advantage because you can be sure as hell if the shoe was on the other foot they'd be doing it.
Hi all
I'm going to drive to Thurles on Sunday I'd say as I'm bringing the smallies.
I've never brought the car on matchday before.
Where is good for parking?
The incident between Dalton and Hayes.
At the game we couldn't see what happened so we assumed that Dalton got the chance to do what most of the country would like to do... Deck Hayes.
However, I was talking to someone who was at the game who said that there was absolutely nothing in it and Hayes threw himself to the ground trying to get Dalton sent off. No wonder he did, Dalton had destroyed him by then.

However, a word of warning Declan, stay away from Limerick nightclubs for a while.
We couldnt see the incident of tv. I just presumed it was typical Hayes, killing our momentum. He goes down with "injury" alot when opposition on top.

If Dalton didnt hit him, its pure shithousary from Hayes.
How Daly suffered on the Saturday Game,,it was killing him to say something positive about Cork, he absolutely hates the site of
the red jersey. His article today was mainly about Limerick, Kilkenny and Carlow. He's some baldy bollox.
I thought that too!
Looked like he a terrible stomach ache.
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