Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Limerick won’t be used to this Tripical Climate we have year round in Cork lads.

They’ll die in the second half.

2 late goals from us. One from Kingston and one from D Fitz surging down the middle see us win it by 4.

I may have slight sun stroke.
Maybe got the narrative wrong, but I knew they would both play a big part 😂
Wonderful to be at that yesterday, 1st game in many a year. Superb commitment from all the fans and players. Showed huge balls to grasp that game and get over the line.
On the game:
BH,DF,SB,SH,RD- Immense, watching Hayes climb over Byrnes. Something we've been missing for too long. DD, doesnt take a backward step and love his battle with Hayes.
PC, did well on Puck outs and back to traditional hurling in a lot of ways. Put the ball into an area where we compete and win the breakdown, why has it taken us to Limerick to figure this out. Glad we did.
TOM- Usually i am harsh on him but the best I can say about him yesterday is we didn't notice him as much,he kept things simple and didnt commit his headless antics. Well done!
Understand why ED was taken off but my god we suffered, DC is a great competitor but he was found out multiple times by Flanagan. How good was Flanagans point out by the sideline? I wouldn't be playing DC on current form, also thought he should of done more to stop GH getting the pass off to Flanagan for the 3rd goal.

This was the mental hurdle we needed to get over, SK take a bow, you deserve it.
Cork hurling fans, enjoy this and get behind the boys again next week. I think if we win we will get thru and then anything can happen. Consistency and passion. Rebels Abu
Fuck sake Cranky, stuck in the head now. Cant sing worth a fuck but the wife will be listening to me try all day:)
Will gladly accept blame. Was singing the Langer song on my way home last night. Honestly cats wouldn’t have been able to reach the noise levels I reached. A hoarse voice combined with a very poor natural singing voice was not a good combination. But guess what. I didn’t give a damn.
That was as sweet as they come last night. What has pleasantly surprised me is the almost manic fanaticism of the young supporters. They have really taken to the team and are driving the support. They are craving success whereas a lot of the older lads who have seen Cork win All Irelands before have been a bit more cynical.
Just read Tom 'I was wronged' Ryan's preview on extra as it came up on my feed. some whingeing about Cork whingeing which we weren't anyway. Very pleasant reading today.
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