Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Not a major deal but who hit the very last free for Cork right down on top of Diarmuid Ryan?
Collins was coming to hit it, clearly we were out of time but to put it in the one place there was no one - not even a Clare back.....................dry day, short grass, ball in has to change.
Morrissey's headshot was pure filth.. he lines Barrett up on the near side so he can make it look less severe and less intentional, and then nails him. I didn't watch TSG last night and have no doubt that if they did focus on it they will have said that Barrett dipped his head so its no ones fault really, but Morissey knew exactly what he was at. Himself and Flanagan dish this shit out regularly, time someone returned the compliment

Red all day long

Lined him up and took him out.
Which is bang on what Duignan said during the game.
That and the face guard pull ................someone is going to get seriously injured soon.
When Morrissey left the hurley in late maybe was on Barrett again, the whole stadium saw it, yet the umpire standing right in front saw nothing. Compare it to the officiating at the rugby where the ref and linesmen work in tandem... Its pitiful...
So disappointed re yesterday. I know we didn't play well, but we still should have won that game. A few musings....

Management poor yesterday, Tony Kelly needs a detailed marker, the reason he drifts is to do what he does cause confusion on who is marking him and while we are figuring that out he is scoring.
Keeper, FFS obviously there is no one else, I'd even get over the one over the line... he hit 2 absolutely awful short puck outs just after Hoggie's goal which were turned over and took the momentum completely out of things.
Cahalane excellent.
Half back line, not sure will need to watch it back.... looked under pressure.
Midfield, Roche very good for a while, Fitzy we all know what he can do, hes just not doing it, can we keep carrying him ?
Forwards, Harnedy very good again, seems to be fighting a lone battle at times. Hoggie was dangerous but good ball in was very very rare, so frustrating all round.
Lehane, poor couldn't get into it. Cahalane worked fierce hard got a good goal, we can't have all hard working forwards though someone needs to score. Dalton, a decent outing without setting the world on fire on another day he'd have a good few scores. Meade did what Meade does, works hard. So by my count yesterday we had 4 hardworking forwards and two that looked like scoring ?
Kingston, looked dangerous ball in was poor though. O'Mahony thought he should have been on earlier, struggled to get into it. Brainless re the last free.

Having said all that its a game we could have and should have won, not all is lost all we have to do is beat Limerick. It's year one, we are improving and I'm not sure anyone expected us to march to the title this season.

Lads, Kingston is gone - he had two bites at it and fell short both times. This is Pat Ryans first season in charge - give him a chance FFS.
Completely agree, its very easy to blame management (and I do it regularly btw).

My point on Kingston (which i know is irrelevant now) is I see Lohan in year 4 of his term, his first two years were average at best and it seems now that his methods are paying off. Should we be giving managers 5 year terms instead of calling for heads after year 2?
She got her answer anyway 😂

Did she though ? He answered nothing. As usual it's his opinion or it doesn't matter.

It's the players in the Taitleann Cup that should be looking for answers from the GPA President, after all isn't that a group for everyone and not just the elite ?
He's just trying to be Joe Brolly-esque, but sadly doesn't have the brains that come with Joe.
Oh and just to add, Tipp right half back got 3 points, Ryan got 4 yesterday. What is going on there ?? We are about to play a team with Byrne's half back next.
Whats going on is that the defensive work rate of our forwards drops off after a while and when those half backs get out first to the incoming sliotar they find themselves in acres of space next. Our midfielders are then caught with the overload and get stuck in no mans land between the advancing back in possession and the man they are marking. Burst out to the tackle and the pass goes inside, hold for that second to cut out the pass and a long point is struck.. party time for the Byrnes, Ryan etc
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