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I'm not the gombeen that didn't understand the post. Nothing wrong with having interests in other sports, you should try it, least then you might broaden your horizons and grasp a simple post instead of being a bogball moron.
What a 🤡 u want to get out more often and go to some sporting events instead of been the king of the keyboard warriors 😄

I haven't been a fan of Colm O'Callaghan's either which I've expressed often on here but must give credit where it's due. He was good v Meath also but I think the switch to mid-field has done him good, he's very strong physically and good to win posession but at mid-field he's laying off the ball to the player near him or coming off his shoulder. He's not a natural forward and was trying too much in attack like passing and scoring.

Polly Barrett
The White Horse, Ballincollig

26th Oct 2023 @ 8:00 pm
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Brian O Broin

JJ Walshs, Today @ 8pm

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