Cork city has gone to the dogs.

Corks finest

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I get videos from a friend who lives there and even without the marauding 220 bus muppets to descend in large numbers in the summer
Tramps from Carrigaline and local yokels are battering fuck out of each other throughout the year
Lack of gardai on the beat
Etc promotes this shite
PS he lives right next to a pub so most of the shire n hassle he recorded is from outside the premises

I live in Carrigaline and see similar shite all the time but especially during school holidays
AGS need to make examples
Guck these warnings etc
Need to bring a paddy wagon down in the summer and literally fuck whoever is out of line in there- charge - force the parents to take responsibility

Andrew Ryan Plus Guests
City Limits, Coburg St.

3rd Sep 2022 @ 9:00 pm
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The Battle For Cork

St. Peters Cork, Tomorrow @ 10am

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