Cork city has gone to the dogs.

It is incredibly frustrating for people who really want children to watch others abuse their good fortune.

What do you think there should be more dialogue on? I wonder about adoption, for example. Because of our terrible history with it in this country, it is all but non existent these days but I can see why it could play a great role. If there was less of a stigma about putting a child up for adoption if you are not ready to be a parent or just don't want to be one, maybe.

I do a lot of work with couples who are dealing with infertility and many of them would choose to adopt over having fertility treatment but they can't.

Multiple areas really, more discussion around fertility. I think it's quite a taboo topic but only once you're in the process you realise how many other people are going through the same situation. Talking with my friends about it they agree that we're not very open, especially as males. I can't speak on behalf of females but I know my wife is very open about the treatment.

I understand people may want to explore other options for whatever reason. Our first hurdle was the GP, encouraging us to stick with the natural route and to think of the consequences of exploring fertility treatment. The GP hinted at religious considerations.


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I am frustrated by the legal system in this country, I always have been. I feel criminals have more rights that those that keep law and order and I believe the prisons in this country are not much of a deterrent to scum.

I am not alone in these perceptions.

You may feel it is ridiculous, but then I really don't care either way.
But can you not see that at least some of your frustration is based on stuff that you have made up?

You have decided that she will serve less than 15 years for this, and you are angry about that. But it isn't true that she will serve less than 15 years.


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