Classic KING Billy mind games

Season over, IMO. We're not good enough. I'm sick of Karanka and we'll definitely lose at Middlesbrough on Saturday, of that I'm certain.

Fucking hopeless wankers.

Can't see us getting anything at Middlesbrough tomorrrow. I'm convinced we'll lose.

The best I can hope for is a Bad News Pulis and Karanka 0-0.

I'd be astonished if we win. :neutral:

I don't like posting this, but the time has come due to our shitness.

I urge punters to back Middlesbrough to beat Forest on Saturday. Stick Boro in your accumulator.

Hope I'm wrong obviously for personal reasons.

Stick Middlesbrough in your accumulator, m8s. :idea:

Middlesbrough 0 -
2 Forest

Playing the we'll lose gag to the hilt. I knew we'd win. :wink:

What a result. Up to 5th in the table. Fucking delighted.

You Reds!
Keep the faith Billy. I told you in time they would gel.
Great win for ye ����

Another one for Grabban too. :bday:

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