Christmas Day in UCC

The Judge

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Just came back from driving through Bandon Road,around by St Finbarrs Cathedral and out the Western Road up the Wilton Road and through towards CUH.I'll tell you one thing i have NEVER seen the condition,state and behaviour of drunken people in all my life,at 8pm at night.Now i've been to Santa Ponsa,Magaluf,Benidorm,Kusadassi,Bodrum and Ibizia and i can honestly with hand on heart seen the condition of these ANIMALS that i just witnessed.People out on the steets pissing,a young one,probably 19/20 years of age stretched out on the road near Victoria X in the left lane,accomatosed with a driver parked up in the middle of the road,with hazard lights on awaiting an ambulance.I know the college cancelled tickets for a rap group during the week on ethical grounds,but for them to allow this behaviour is unreal.I'm well aware that they can't control it but surely should speak out against the culture of binge drinking and irresponsible behaviour.I'm absolutely outraged 😡😡😡


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They've been at it since lunchtime, Cissy Youngs and Annie Macs make a killing out of this.

Expect Drucker along any minute with his "ok boomer" party piece.

CJ Poogan

Unfortunately there will probably be some non consensual sexual activity tonight and the ramificatiobs of it tomorrow in the cold light of day.


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First news story in

These people have been a mess since early afternoon, its an accident waiting to happen. The UCC Students Union clearly haven't a clue what they're doing if they are supporting events like this.

I suspect that this will be the last year of it. I just hope that nobody dies.

This happens every year and there's outrage for a few days afterwards, same as with Freshers week and Rag week but nothing ever changes.

You actually see more girls falling around the streets than fellas. There was carnage around Bandon road and Galvins earlier.

Ricky Kelleher
Clancy's, Marlborough St.

6th Dec 2022 @ 9:00 pm
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Ricky Kelleher

Clancy's, Tomorrow @ 9pm

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