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Took a screenshot of this on an older version, the current version does not tell the truth about Dublin


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Would highly recommend reading this post about super intelligence. It explains the concepts very well, and why we should be more worried than we are.
I've just used this for the first time and am genuinely gobsmacked. Wtf like, how?

The app I'm using only let's you generate 5 answers before you've to pay. Are there any decent ones which can be used longer term for free?
I use this

A couple of fellas in work swear by the paid version.

Of course they do.

It's because your work mates are morons.

They just paid for a glorified next generation Internet search engine that neatly categories their porn interests and in alphabetical order.

Anyone that 'thinks'.... This is Artificial Intelligence... needs a good hoof up the hole.

Go to the ATM.

Again... There is no such thing as Artificial Intelligence... Just algorithms waiting to go wrong.
In a world that hails software serving up WWW crap as intellectual verbatim as its neural network training


You have fake news.

Can you imagine.. Or is is it already happening? Youth being trained?

Input... Tik Tok et al.

Output... Dublin riots.. All immigrants are r**ists. All Pa*is are scum.
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