Charger Salmons.

And let's not forget Nobjocki.
A legend in his anal sex-hunting days, recounting all sorts of scrapes and escapades involving his pursuit of the chocolate starfish.
Of course that was when Admin had a sense of humour.
So much more interesting that some dullard droning on about Deutschland.

( Alliteration at this time in the morning, for no extra charge )
Things were getting a bit dull on the proc of late but the arrival of the latest guise of the mighty ANVIL is shaking things up again.Give em hell Old Cock.

Hi me, what a marvellous morning, what ?

Already showered after a 5 mile run in the country, a pot of freshly-brewed Java on the go and a day of expectation and excitement ahead.

It's great to start the weekend in positive mode and not still be fast asleep in semen-stiffened sheets surrounded by sticky jazz mags like most of the losers on here.

Huzzah !

( that's enough alliteration now - Ed )

Wallis Bird
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

11th Nov 2022 @ 7:00 pm
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