Bring back the shanks

Thanks for that. I was at that last gig in Fred Zeppelin's and a good few more.

Just found this on youtube, posted by Stan a few days ago, I guess it's Mitchelstown.

Edit - actually Wild Boar festival is Kanturk, isn't it? Mitchelstown used to have a Venison Festival. The band waiting in the wings to go on is Snatch, from Mitchelstown/Kildorrery.

Edit 2 - I was at this gig. I remember nothing about it, but I remember being stuck in Nadd for ages while thumbing to get there :LOL:
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The White Horse Comedy Club
The White Horse, Ballincollig

8th Jun 2023 @ 8:00 pm
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Wiolka Walaszczyk

City Limits, Tomorrow @ 8pm

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