Big Brother 2018

Hi, I'm Billy Davies, you may remember me from such threads as 'Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight' and 'Which celebs farts would you like to smell?'

I love celebs.


Anyway, back on topic. Big Brother.

Are you in oder aus?

I'm most certainly in. Can't wait for the launch tonight. :bday:
Looking forward to it.....hope it is good now . Haven't watched it in twent years but having just seen the celebrity one , think I'll give it a gander.
It died with Channel 4. There was at least the perverse, creepy Orwellian aesthetic to that one where you felt like the channel was just cutting to raw footage of a mixture of people in a bizarre experiment.

And despite the narrative at the time, they generally did put in a mix of people. Usually there was one or two you could root for.
Award Winning Kanan Gill (In English)
City Limits, Coburg St.

16th Jun 2024 @ 6:00 pm
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Kayleigh Maimaran Residency

Triskel Arts Centre, Today @ 4pm

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