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The disappearance of Annie McCarrick is back in the news again as new evidence is emerging, it seems that the details of her final movements as published were incorrect and that she had been having difficulties with a male known to her, so it's looking as though she was killed by someone she knew and was not the victim of a serial killer.

It was about a fortnight ago that I was watching an apparently authoritative RTÉ report on the Annie McCarrick case. It was a rehash of all the stuff served up to us over the past 30 years. Annie getting on the bus to Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. Annie going for a walk in the hills. Annie visiting this shop or that cafe.

The familiar tale of the day she disappeared. Annie arriving at Johnnie Fox’s pub for a nightcap — the same old familiar tale, retold authoritatively time and time again, through the years and right up to the latest retelling on RTÉ.
It turns out none of it was true. Not just some of the detail, but the whole Enniskerry yarn that has been endlessly repeated for decades seems to have been pure fiction.
The latest account tells us Annie didn’t get on a bus, didn’t go to Enniskerry, didn’t have a meal in this restaurant, didn’t have a jar in that pub — it was all speculation, it seems.
This wasn’t a case of An Garda Síochána deliberately misleading the media. It seems to be more a case of helpful gardaí spreading their cluelessness to the media.

Two brothers are now the suspects for the murder of missing Annie McCarrick, it has emerged.

The Irish Mirror has established that the pair are the focus of the recently upgraded murder investigation.

And we have also established that one of the brothers is suspected of attacking Annie, 27, shortly before she vanished without a trace just over 30 years ago.

It had been thought that this man was the only suspect for the murder of student teacher Annie, but sources have told us that gardai in south Dublin now fear he and his brother were involved in the murder.

“The two of them are now being looked at,” one source said. “The strongest theory now is that they were both involved in murdering her and hiding the body.”

Sources have revealed that one brother is the man who is suspected of stalking and assaulting Annie shortly before she vanished from south Dublin in March – and both have previously been spoken to by gardai. Neither man has been arrested, but officers are building a case against them.

It’s understood gardai were aware of both men shortly after Annie was last seen in a coffee shop in the Sandymount area of south Dublin on March 26,1993. Sources say both men were able to give an account of their whereabouts around the time Annie disappeared – but those accounts are now under the spotlight again.

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