2023 Premier Junior hurling

These two only got the job off being involved with inisiscarra when it was Mark Prendergast that was the main man. There's a reason they didn't stay involved with inisiscarra after last years success and Prendergast did
Seems to be that the unit only works when all together - both ended up in relegation fights when they went their own way. I know Paul and Mark and both good hurling men, will be interesting to see where both crop up next year though!
If Erins Own and the Glen win this weekend. Will there be a playoff to decide who represents Cork in the Munster junior championship?

Getting very touchy at my opinion that having a second team relegated over a clubs first team is better for hurling.
Did you miss the old laughing emoji there lancey boy? 🤣

That’s your opinion, it’s wrong but so what you’re still entitled to it, but either way you got to earn your place these days and the Barrs 2nd team, who all put in as much effort as any other players, have done that lancey 🤣
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He was the main man, Prendergast was only a water boy and Hurley carrier. The club probably thought they owed him and StLedger a year causer of the success of last. They won’t last the winter.
Jesus that was fast !!!
St ledger and Prendergast and S+C coach all sacked from inniscarra last Monday !!!
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