2022 Premier Senior football


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Basically it comes back to the fact you're not going to win anything with your division so I can understand why clubs and players don't bother getting involved. Why put time and effort into it , and risk the possibility of an injury which effects your club

Only imokilly in hurling and duhallow football have the motivation of possibly winning a championship.

The ways clubs are gone in modern era and the sheer volume of time put into it there's very little time left to consider playing too with the division. Players likely want to just take a break and a night off when not having club training/games, not head out the door again for something you ultimately know is only going to last a couple of rounds

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Divisions can't live with modern life, let alone the modern game. It'd nearly be like still having the AIL as your main game again and playing for Munster just in the Heineken cup. And having a job.

Either scrap the divisions or have them be the club for the players who are good enough.

Only when feeding the county panel is #1 priority would playing exclusively for the division be possible. But the club is the blood of the gaa. You'd have to find a way to reward the club's sacrifice (any ideas?).

I'm not advocating either or, just saying how I see the only way forward. I can completely see how this is sacrilege


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Avondhu almost threw away the game against Imokilly. Squandered plenty of goal chances. Mark Keane listed on the panel but after getting injured for the hurlers the other night he was never going to play.


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Either scrap the divisions or have them be the club for the players who are good enough.
Sweet fucking jesus, so players can’t play with their clubs just so some half arsed division can enter the championship?

If anyone needs any proof that divisions need to be scrapped then this is it

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