2022 Premier Senior football


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Horrendous game to watch, Clonakilty have scored 1-2 after 45 min and are still in it, says it all!
I thought it wasn't a bad game, yes the shooting was poor but it was for both sides. Haven won the game in the first half, Clon didn't have anyone in the forwards to hold the ball when it was played in. And yet they could have drawn it at the end. Haven played within themselves in the 2nd half big time but will be happy enough with the win.
Twill be a short old year for ya Trav 🤣🤣🤣
I wouldn’t be so sure of that, heard John Hayes on commentary saying similiar, that the losers of Haven/Clon were as good as eliminated. Pure bull.

Nemo are being ridiculously hyped up, mostly based on a few big wins in the league. People forget they were beaten by 2 average teams in the group stage last year and have lost a couple of key players since then. I wouldn’t be a bit intimidated by Nemo if I were Clon, they’re not as good as the Barrs team Clon could have beaten last year.

If Clon have Liam O’Donovan back I’ll be throwing a few quid on them (provided they don’t slip up against Newcestown).

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28th Oct 2022 @ 7:00 pm
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