2021 County Senior Football Championship

Fair play to the Barrs. Cork needs a club of that size flexing its muscle on the national stage more often and it's needs a football club other than Nemo to show it can perform outside the county championship.

Might be too early to use it as an example of how the new format has lead to a big increase in standards but you'd have to say they were better prepared than the last time. There's a lot of misgivings about the standard in Cork club championship compared to what we see in Kerry, but when our winners dump out their winners maybe it shows that's more of a perception than what we thought.
I don’t think the Kerry senior championship is anything hectic since Crokes have dropped off in standard in recent times. Stacks won both the club and county championships and we saw yesterday that they’re nothing special. I saw them in two other games this year and they were a horrible watch. Not what you’d expect of a Kerry team at all. There’s a good spread between all the clubs of the Kerry intercounty players which is probably why there is no one dominant side. A lot of them play below senior too.

I think the Barrs learnt a lot from their previous venture out in to Munster and adjusted their goals fairly quickly upon winning the county here. Last time it was probably seen as bonus territory but this time they seemed to keep their eyes on the ball with Munster, that’s half the battle.

They have a chance now but it’s fairly even among the 4. Kilcoo look arguably the best but nobody they play really takes the game to them. Barrs will have a go, that much I’m sure of.

Someone said above about what happens when we saw the number 1 in Cork take on the number 1 in Kerry. It’s not hugely important but we should change the naming of our grades so that the teams in intermediate and junior in Cork are represented at a more fair level in Munster against the Kerry clubs. It’s a great journey for the clubs and at the moment, those two grades have very little chance against the Kerry winners. Nobody does.


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Hard to fathom the negativity here after a Barrs win, methinks it’s sour grapes, I don’t particularly like them either but fair play on winning it. Good results in the Corn Ui Mhuri and Munster Club, yes the problems are still there but at least were seeing a few positives and momentum.Not exactly Barr’s fault the lads from Kerry were not stacked with big names.
Congrats to the Barrs. Delighted for the Cork reps and doubly so for beating a kirry mob. DIdn't see the game but I believe the guy marking Donaghy didn't give him a sniff.

County medals are hard to win. Munster medals are the thing dreams are made of. Even if they don't get any further and they're up against a tough crew next, congrats and well done Barrs. And the very best of luck in the AI series.

Great result for a great club. Beating the lads from over the border makes it all the sweeter. Kilcoo from Down have won last two Ulster finals and lost last year's AI after extra time. They'll have savage hunger to go one better this year and winter conditions would suit them but Barrs well capable of giving them a rattle in semi final.


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Any day you beat a Kerry team is a good bit in a Munster Final glorious.

Fair play to the Barr’s they were unlucky last year against Castlehaven and then this year even within their own club it was hard to get their hand on players properly such is the demand of a dual club but by god they really have driven on once the group stages was over and each day wasn’t easy but they have found away to come out on top.

On a plus for cork football it would be fantastic to have 3 of that barrs team on the cork starting 15 the confidence they will bring will fantastic for all the panel.
A special word of praise for those on the line.
Firstly not agreeing to toss for venue
Secondly the starting of Mcgreevy who was a handful when on
Thirdly the positioning of Sherloch rarely was he in full forward and was often back in the defence or hanging out around midfield,i would say his instructions were to keep Casey out of fullback
and finally their use of the subs.
Thirdly the positioning of Sherloch rarely was he in full forward and was often back in the defence or hanging out around midfield,i would say his instructions were to keep Casey out of fullback
Ah would you stop…yes, the Barrs mgmt deserve credit for numerous things but if this was a tactic (which it definitely wasn’t) then they’d deserve to be strung up. Casey is a decent defender but he’s not a physical stopper who you want to drag out of position, he’s actually very effective out the field as he’s good on the ball. There’s shades of Lar Corbett marking Tommy Walsh in what you’re suggesting there….and we know how ludicrous that was.

Sherlock was wasting his time around midfield, he’s the best finisher in Cork, he’s not a dynamic athlete who can mix it around the middle. He had an off day, it happens.

Agree on McGreavy, good player, not a good finisher but he’s a real handful, always surprised me when he didn’t start earlier rounds.

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