2 X PS4's in one house help needed please

Hi folks
So, I'm a senior citizen of the gaming world and have a 15 year-old son who loves his gaming as well.
He has never asked for his own PS4 as he was happy to use mine, I'm not into online gaming so was happy for him to have it as much as he wants it. I've been hopping from PS3 to PS1 recently and happy to do it.

However, I have a fair few games in me library on PS4 so was thinking of investing in a second PS4 (500gb available on Smyths.ie for €299).

I dont want to take back the old one from the young fella as he'd lose all his save data / skins / power-ups / etc from the likes of Overwatch,COD,Brawlhalla,Fortnite etc

HOWEVER, I dont want to have to fork out money again on games that I've already purchased. I can't have my PS account active on 2 machines. Is it just a question of making sure that one of us is signed out at any given time??

Anyone offer a bit of assistance, I'd really appreciate it!
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