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  • Definately, GAA gets me through this bit of the year. Then its the hectic bit of August and September when I've been known to find a strategic seat in the pub to watch the screens in both rooms, GAA on one and football on the other, I get a headache and not from alcohol :)
    Ahhh sure i loves the aul chat with westy..haha must i.there has to be someone with more friends than m one here lol
    ya me too lol there would be no troble they wont turn up hahah..Ah i have clients well conneted and i do fashon events lol ..CLON haha im a city chick lol
    My family dont talk lol broken home and all that so security shall have to be organised lol hehehe or elses tis the hawii route lol ..Ah dannno no where do you think i have alot of connections like lol
    Im hurt I am ..She would have had her smiling teeth in erra once she doesnt say anything about them funeral policys lol i sappose she can go to the afters lol
    jeeeees you forget easy .its off lol we wer being maried off the in a thread remember now lol cilla wasnt aloud go
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The Lee Sessions Trad Trail
Sin É, Coburg St

2nd Mar 2023 @ 6:30 pm
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Coco Comedy Club: Danny O'Brien and Guests

The Roundy, Tomorrow @ 8:30pm

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