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    I’ve come to the intellectual conclusion that darts is not a sport. It’s a hobby, the same as hill walking or going to the scouts, going to mass. Anything where alcohol improves or doesn't worsen your performance is no sport. Granted it’s not as shit as golf but it’s just not a sport. Sport...
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    Looper gets paid What did I miss reading all of that because I don’t see why he got a double lotto sized payout
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    Longitude Security Assessment

    The Longitude festival is being policed appropriately following a normal security risk assessment according to Gardaí. A security alert on the US Embassy's website said that "reports indicate a potential for violence" at the festival which is taking place in Marley Park in Dublin. The website...
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    Simon Coveney

    Is Simon gonna be in trouble when the next election comes around? Or will he pull a few rabbits out of a few hats before then? He didn’t do anything about The incinerator the last time it came up, call me a cynic but it’s being kept away from peoples mind by the courts or something and that...
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    Keano in court part. 2

    This time it's paddy power, for using his image without his authorisation. I hope he gets big money and gives it to the blind muts, or to some gambling recovery charity, I'm a massive hypocrite in that I hate bookies but still have the odd bet. This could be interesting, because paddy power...
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    Pepsi carrigaline / little island

    I see they are advertising entry level jobs, anyone know anything about the positions? Is it an 11 month contract? Any chance of being kept on? What's the money like?
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    The Guy might just be a langer thread

    Zebo, is he taking howletts approach to the off season a bit to far?
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    Plumber in Court

    you know your man, i was reading bout it, the plumber that was charged with manslaughter over the girl who died in the hotel in kinsale? is anyone following it? what did he do wrong that hes getting brought up?
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    2 tickets, €50 the pair for the marquee thursday night, PM me
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    Some shower of moaning fuckers, offering nothing but overpriced dirty beer and smelly toilets in places frequented by the dregs of society. Do they ever think that the reason nobody wants to go to their shit holes is because they are generally kips and offer fuck all. Why does the country owe...
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    Delhi - India

    Sell it to me... One week, few pints, taj mahal, bit of this, bit of dudder
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    Tracy pigot

    Would ya?
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    Any farmers

    Able to explain why there is an annual spate of deaths in slurry tanks? Is there no PPE being used?
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    Bout time

    They threw this fella into the street.
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    Wanted - iPad

    iPad2, good working order 16mb or 32mb