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    LIVE gig : Corkhouse Producers present...

    Corkhouse Producers are proud to present 'Brighter Days',a celebration of local House music featuring live performances from: Shane Linehan (Basic Grooves Recordings) Maksy (Soul Shift Records) Matthew Collins (Bastardo Electrico) Guest Dj and good house music will be on the menu,and we...
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    New ep release

    Hi all, This is a sample track from my new ep 'The Beginning'.The track is called 'Save me'. Feedback gratefully accepted.
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    Ep release 7/7/11

    Alright lads, Just wanted to post up my new ep for release on the 7/7/11. These are the mastered tracks. Thanks for ye're feedback,its all very valuable. Anyway,we'll see how it goes!
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    Feedback on new house track

    Hows things lads? I'm looking for feedback on my newest house track,called 'The feeling'. Have a blast and if you can,let me know what ye think. Cheers!
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    New tracks

    Hi Lads and Lassies, Lookin for some feedback on two new tracks ive finished. First one is called 'I have a plan'. Second one is called 'Club d'Ellaria' Let me know what ye think,i'd really appreciate it!