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    Is a BBQ really better than a simple grill?

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    Caption Competition No. XX25Z008

    (Alliance Party leader Naomi Long celebrates after party colleague Nuala McAllister (right) is elected).
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    Did An Post just take a holiday?

    Have tracking numbers and nothing seems to have moved since midnight Thursday. Any of ye noticed this? Maybe yere waiting on blow up dolls or stuff.
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    Christening As Gaeilge

    Beaganín cabhair. Christening in Irish please? Maybe ye have a link or know it off hand. Le bhfuir Dul.
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    New Drug Going Around ????

    In the past month I've been aggressively approached twice in supermarket car parks. Now if one of you called me a bollix and tried that... Meh...... I probably am. But these were total strangers. Is there some new drug going around? Symptoms are raw aggression and actively seeking...
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    Was Michael Collins right?

    Almost a century on, should we have fought what Lloyd George called "an immediate and terrible war"? Or accepted the Treaty and the years of "troubles"?
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    Getting a C Reg car

    Getting a new car, would really like a C reg plate. In exile at the moment. Give me a loophole. Public or pm. It's a matter of honour.
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    Gatwick Drones

    Airport closed until 4pm at least. Dark then though. Should we call John McClane? What are these lads trying to achieve? Do drones show up on radar?
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    Army vets?

    A colour party would be appreciated. Christmas. Irish lads. PM.
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    Dimming the sun to ease global warming

    Being reported that this might be possible on CNN and even RT. Thoughts? Best response I've seen is: @Carpedonktum Scientists: We need to dim the sun to avoid a climate change disaster Me: Is it gonna rain tomorrow? Scientists: Weather is an extremely complicated system, I can only give...
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    Cork City away

    Travelling to the Longford game tonight after work, where are we meeting up?
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    Paying for air in a petrol station

    Kinda pisses me off. They make enough money as it is, quick to put the price up, slow to put it back down. Where is the AA? Far too silent IMHO. How about the department of transport or the Road Safety Authority? Surely tyre pressure is a safety issue. Did you ever pay for air?
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    Health care in Ireland

    Been in the system now for a while. Interested in hearing other posters views. My own experience is that it's chaotic, even with private insurance. I had to pay over €100 last week to get to see a doc and get antibiotics - and had to wait over 90 minutes for the privilege. I could have gotten...
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    What have cities ever done for us?

    Think about it. Close living and small houses, higher rents, less green space, increased air pollution densities, disease, vermin, concentrations of rubbish and sewage, hours stuck in traffic, ghettos, greater crime rates etc etc. So what have cities ever done for us?
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    Playing hurling in one parish and football in the next

    Anyone know the procedure for this? A player plays only hurling in the next parish in a hurling and football club, but wants to play football for their own parish which only play football. Maybe opening a box of worms here but any one aware of the procedure, it must be possible.