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    the wine thread

    I'm happy to pay it tbh! I've shipped a box home from Italy a few times and the shipping has often been double that for a box that weight!
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    the wine thread

    Did my Christmas wine shop during the week on xtrawine, great value altogether!
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    360 degrees of Jazz @ Bodega Cork

    Ahead of the Jazz Festival this weekend we put together a pretty cool video to give you an idea of what's coming up!
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    Cork Jazz Walks 2015

    Hey everybody! just a heads up for anybody heading out for the Jazz this weekend Full line up for free shows happening around the Cork Heritage Pubs here Headliners include... Hot 8 Brass Band - Friday & Saturday Night in Bodega shows kick off at 9ish nsyK9_iaCoA James Taylor Quartet -...
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    Big Daddy Can's Summer Mix Series 2014: Dawn

    Alright Bais! long time no chat! Summer mix series I've been doing for the past few years is back on the books, this time with a 2014 feel, here's the Dawn mix, check it out, it's smove
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    Nomad Presents: Quantic DJ Set Nomad EP3

    more info soon :D
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    Nomad Presents: Joker (Kapsize Records) Nomad EP2


After the success of Nomad Ep1 ft. Digital Mystikz the Nomad Crew are back with a bang, this time around with Dubstep DJ Joker. Thursday, 3rd January 2013 Nomad Event Management in conjunction with Bodega...
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    Nomad Presents Digital Mystikz 29th November Bodega

    Hey Lads, something a little bit different lined up for the end of the month!
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    Cork's greatest contribution to the world

    I personally favour spiced beef and tanora (not in the same dish) what do you think is Cork's greatest contribution?
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    Graffiti - Street art or Vandalism?

    Just finished a piece about street art in Cork for my blog basically covering some of the wicked street art around at the moment! what say you proccers?
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    printing a photo in A3 in town

    any where in town I can get a photo printed in A3? need it to be high quality!
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    good spot for a late lunch in cork?

    any suggestions?
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    what time do shops open?

    just realised what time it was and in my late night wonderings had a thought about what is open at this time, what time would convenience/coffee shops open in the morning? I often remember being in town around 7 am and being able to get a cuppa coffee, is this normal enough?
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    lane ways of Cork City

    has anyone else noticed that all the lane ways in the city are being gated? its a terrible shame!
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    Chernobyl - 25 years on!

    1:23am tonight is the 25th anniversary of the disaster what, if anything, have we learnt?