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    Fuck off Sun!

    Fuck off Sun! B
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    Many's the night I stumbled past 'Porres' walking home (westward) from Sir Henry's and coming down from being of my tits. If it's walls could talk. B
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    Pubs reopening June 29th

    Saucy prices. B
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    Lads I need a hand

    Fair play boi, or gurl. Where do you get the brix? B
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    Bill Murray at the Cork Galway match

    He's got a real chamois face, Bill does. B
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    Is the toilet roll included in the sale? B
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    How many fucking Pride weekends are there?

    The 'Pride' crew would want to chill the fuck out a bit. B
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    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    Sad to see Leeside being such a dangerous spot at night. B
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    Pre Celtic Tiger Ireland

    Sad to see Leeside going down the tubes, socially. B
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    Andy Fletcher ( of Depeche Mode ) goes bang

    Ah balls, RIP fella. Loved the choons. B
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    RIP Dervla Murphy

    Amazing book - I read it - some lady, some balls. RIP Dervla. B
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    CNN Anchor calls Cork a kip

    I love Cork. But he makes a valid point on some notes. B
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    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    Ah, he had to go 'find his cousin'. B
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    US Shooting Part 5763. .

    USA = fools B
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    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    Sad to see our lovely City gone to the dogs. B