Toddler Emailing Mam's Boss While She Blacks Out on Couch


Wendy Buttimer, age 2 and one quarter, from Blarney has decided to send an important work email on behalf of her mam while she nodded off on the couch.

Cornetta Concepta Burke, 33, who works for a Cork tech company, has been asked to work from home in light of the national lockdown and is under pressure to send a quarterly report on the company’s EU cash flow ledger by close of business tomorrow.

With Wendy’s creche closed indefinitely, her mother must also care for her daughter around the clock and has averaged four hours sleep over the last week due to a severe bout of teething. 

Finally collapsing into semi-coma on the family sofa this afternoon, the deadline for Cornetta’s report looked to be in jeopardy – possibly being the last straw in an already fraught relationship with her boss.

However, young Wendy has decided to help by finishing and sending the email her mam was writing to her boss’s boss by bashing the laptop keys repeatedly until the email sent and the screen went black..

Mummy will be so pleased when she wakes up.