PROC Launches New Naval Armada - Russian Links Denied

The Corkonian independence movement has formally denied any connection with planned Russian military activity off the Cork coast next month. 

However, the (pure daycint) revolutionaries have launched their own naval armada for “purely defensive purposes” and deny any accusations that it will be used to undermine ‘Dublin rule’ in Ireland’s largest county.  

The L.E. Small Fart was delivered by DHL early this morning and quickly put together by a number of individuals with vast experience in building IKEA furniture.

The vessel was provided free of charge by a mystery donor, but did include a note sending what is believed to be best wishes to the People’s Republic of Cork:

“Удачи вам в вашем движении за независимость. Вы гребаные клоуны.”

A formal translation will be obtained shortly.