How I’m Living Rent-Free...Inside Homophobic People’s Heads

Local gay rights activist Roy Kiernan has come up with a novel solution for solving the housing crisis for himself by posting LGBTQ+ messages on social media and living rent-free inside the heads of furious homophobic trolls who can’t resist replying.

“All I do is take pictures of myself with rainbow flags and post them online and the comments arrive within minutes. Then these users spend hours composing long, furious rants and conspiracies about the LGBTQ+ community.”

The Cork native from Evergreen Road regularly ups the ante by taking pictures of actual rainbows in the sky and posting them with comments suggesting God is showing his support for gay people.

“It’s unbelievable craic. I’ve accidentally wound up I’m actually living rent free in their heads. I’m in some of their heads so long that I’m going to apply to the council for permission to build an extension with a sauna in it. A gay one obviously…I’m going to post that one now actually!”.

“If I only I could actually physically live in their heads it'd be a be a really handy way to avoid paying stupidly high rents though, no chance of that, like."