They’re Going To Get Some Shock When They Get The Final Price!

With building costs at an all time high there has never been a better opportunity to flah people – so says well-known Cork builder ‘All Cash Christy’. As well as rising insurance, transport and material costs many Irish tradesmen have been adding a new cost known as the ‘flah charge’ to bills which often takes clients by surprise.

“Basically, you just add on about 10 or 15% extra after you include your costs and profit and just hand them the bill,” says Christy, “if they push back I just spout stuff about insurance and building costs and I clench my fist like I’m about to clock someone ”.

Most builders, many of them big companies, now accept “cash” for at least half of their fees to avoid paying income tax.

“I’m proud to say I’ve never accepted a cheque my whole life and if someone asked me for my IBAN I’d stare them down until they get down on their knees and apologise. I've over 25 years experience in the building trade so experts should listen to the likes of me. My take on the housing crisis is basically, the government can f**k the f**k off. ”.

If you've been effected by this article, Christy says you can do the same and f**k off too.