Images from last Sunday's march in support of the Cork hurlers and footballers..." />

Sundays Support March Photos

Posted on Feb 11, 2008 in The People's Republic Of Cork Gallery


Second Support March Photos
Finbarr Barry (photos: Wouter Groenendij)

Cork's football and hurling panel have unanimously rejected the County Board's proposals to resolve the dispute regarding the appointment of manager Teddy Holland in place of Billy Morgan. They met for two hours last night in the Imperial Hotel to discuss the issue.

Meanwhile another giant show of public support for the players took place in the city centre yesterday - an opportunity for those who did not make last Monday night's march to make their feelings known. The second march took place on the back of a huge majority of support for the players in a poll conducted by the Irish Examiner, over two thirds of those surveyed believed that Teddy Holland should resign.

The pathway to Cork's entry into the national league and Championship is very clear. Teddy Holland should step aside and the new manager, be it the same individual or not, should be allowed to choose his own selectors. If the County Board agrees to this then Cork fans will return to stadia nationwide.

Without the reversal of this, the Rebels have vowed not to participate in inter-county competitions. The validity of a potential Kilkenny three-in-a-row without Cork's participation is questionable and major sponsorship deals, tickets sales and the GAA's image will be tarnished if Holland does not accede to the players' request to resign and re-apply under the system agreed in 2002.

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Photos by adopted Corkman Wouter Groenendij...the Dutchman who came to visit Cork and never left.
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