Welcome to Cork, Brazillians

PROC & Garreth Joyce

South Mall, Cork City

Cork has been delighted to welcome so many Brazilians in recent years, many of whom come to study English in the city's many English language colleges.

If you ask any Corkonians what word they most associate with Brazil, it's likely to be football. The sport has often been the catalyst for bringing a large and diverse nation together.

In this street art piece, local soccer hero, John Caulfield, who made 455 appearances for Cork City FC as a player and as a coach guided his beloved Cork City FC to the Premier Division league and cup double in 2017, is pictured embracing one of Brazil's most famous sons. As it happens, Caulfield himself was born on the American continent - in the Bronx, New York.

It is a metaphorical embrace for the thousands of Brazilians who have made Cork their home, be it temporary or otherwise, to let them know that they are welcome in our city.

Bem Vindo a Cork = Welcome to Cork.

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