When Sport feels like a death in the family

Doing great work under age but it will be a few years before they get a chance like that again. Thought the ref absolutely robbed them the first day in 2017, scandalous call to give the equalising free
Robbed. Unfortunately at Junior level for the next 4/5 years the club will be miles off it. Keeping the underage players will be key. Some very promising boys.
Imagine Fergie leaves and ye replace him with David Moyes..
Not even close m8, not even close.

The destruction of the club by those cunts in Florida is far worse than losing that league to Leeds in reality, but as a sickener that drags you into the pits, that 2-0 loss to Liverpool was as bad as it ever got.

I'd imagine it was something like this for you


Any excuse or opportunity :lol!:
2019 championship play off semi final first leg DERBY 0 LEEDS 1, Back to elland rd for 2nd leg, Leeds went 2 up on agg,
Somehow managed to lose 4-3 , Went straight to bed, Woke next morning and it took a few minutes for me to remember what happened,
Was sick as a parrot for the next week,
The 1995 Munster Semi Final against Clare.......

Tommy Sugrue (That is all )

The 1982 All Ireland Hurling Final
82 and 83 were the killer ones alright Imigrant. All those wides from frees in the wind in 83 when John Fenton wasn’t given any of them. More self-indulgently West Brom failing to beat Bristol fucking Rovers on the last day of the season and being relegated to the pub league of the third division.
Yeah, that was pretty bad alright. Don't know how old you are, but Utd losing the league in the run in in 92 was probably the worst I've ever felt.

A disgusting sickener. And it was THEM who put the final nail in the coffin to seal it for the sheep shaggers.

You couldn't write a worse script for a United fan.

Still though, the next twenty years weren't bad 😃
I was 11 so didn't really feel that one, I was spoiled after that
Liverpool and Cork - Demba Ba, Michael Thomas, Laurie Sanchez, Cantona all sickeners.
Dont feel like that now about Klopp as I think the time was coming and it is best longterm
Clare 2013, Kerry 2009 are up there but maybe 1982 was the worst, also Meath 1988.
I think the worst sporting events were Hysel, Hillsborough & Aryton Senna.
so many good days though- all those EC/CL especially Istanbul, 1986, the new team with Barnes/Beardsley 1987
Cork 1976, 1984, 1990 double, 1999 & 2004 all very sweet, 1973 is the first one I can remember
Tadghie Murphy and Mark Keane, like Istanbul its extra special when you steal it from a better team!
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