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As opposed to all the Ukrainian flags that appeared shortly after the war started, they were everywhere. The country was awash with them. What do you have to say about that? Proud that our family is supporting the Palestinian cause.
Wouldn't know to be honest, I would never have or buy a flag other than an Irish one. Only simpletons wave the flag of another country.
Wow Ive never thought of it like that. You've really changed my perception of this conflict.

5 months later and you're still trotting out the same inane stuff.

The Israelis will do whatever they want as long as the Americans support them. The Israeli lobby have so many American politicians bought and paid for that they've been given a free pass to do as they please.

Other than the cosplayers out on the South Mall with their keffiyahs wasting their time eventually losing interest the direct impact here will be the worsening of the refugee situation as the Ukrainians lose ground as the U.S. diverts military aid to bomb civilians in Gaza.

And before you lose your shit again, wildly emoting about how awful it is, yes it is awful but we can do exactly jack shit about it. If youre so concerned donate 50 euro to the Red Cross Gaza appeal. Its more useful than getting hysterical here

Yes. Don't get hysterical. Says the man with a twenty line essay of pure ráiméis. 😂

We're discussing and debating things here mate. Keep your knickers on.
MLMD says she will be hugely dissapointed if Leo doesnt really put pressure on Biden during his private visit,
This is purely playing party politics with a terribly said conflict, Varadkar has regularly condemned Israel and has called for a ceasefire,
Biden wont take a blind bit of notice of what any irish politician says,
To be fair Biden probably thinks he's meeting Charlie Haughey.
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