The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

Maguire being useless and costing a fortune doesn't really take away from Carragher being an idiot m8.

Classic bUt BuT uNiTeD. 👍

Congrats on winning the trophy most of the Cork SSB were deriding as worthless a full 12 months ago
Yeah Carragher is full of shit.

The weekend has really shown that you have to splash the cash on centre-halves if you want success.

Liverpool don’t win that trophy without Van Dijk.

And Fulham would have won 2-0 at Old Trafford if it wasn’t for Maguire.
😂😂😂😂😂 A clatter heard all along Wembley Way.

BTW, do any non-SMC’s remember them telling us a few seasons back all Maguire needed was a good partner at CB to excel
the money saved by having all these kids coming through into the first team should ensure the imminent return to the Anfield sideboard of footballs most coveted silverware.... The uber-prestigious and mega-glorious Net Spend Cup

more power to it's elbow
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