The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

Quite the hypothetical situation isn’t it m8?

ETH’s been embarrassed conceding 6 and 7 to yer fiercest rivals, spent nearly £1/2bn on shite, disgraced yerselves in a piss easy champions league group but yeah a fist bump to acknowledge a brilliant atmosphere would definitely be the straw that broke the camels back.

G’way and ring Joe Duffy altogether ya giga-fanny :lol!:
Blah de blah de blah.

Stop embarrassing yourself m8. Celebrating like that after beating Luton is small time. I'm sure if Liverpool let this slip now, the gifs will still be flying in 2034.

Wednesday were Match's tip for the title that year m8.

An 86th minute equaliser and and a 96th minute winner were always going to provoke a celebration. And why wouldn't they.

Its the child spitter who looks a petty wanker , 'get down the tunnel'

Waaah waaah.

I forgot that was Jamie responding to Bumnal celebrations tbh.

Has he said anything about the Enamel Klopp's OTT celebrations?
Carragher was probably over the top about the Arsenal player’s celebration a few weeks ago as pointed out by the SMC’s. Thank God their own ex-players never get carried away celebrating before….
…or after a game…..
Meanwhile, this lad is going around the media celebrating making the SMC’s smile again…
Klopp still has the SMCs rattled 3 days later. Impressive stuff.

That's said, it's not like they have anything important to concern themselves with between now and May.
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