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That must be a record away win against the Scoffers of Escargots. #MissingSexton
I'm delighted to be wildly wrong.

Some outstanding performances, Crowley was generally brilliant with plenty mistakes. Beirne was back to his usual excellent self. JGP was everywhere. Glad to see Joe McCarthy living up to his hype. Lowe's boot seems to have been fixed. Aki powerful in midfield runs, so close to creating multiple try scoring opportunities. Dan Sheehan usual powerful runs.

Porter could still do with giving away fewer penalties, Crowley cutting some of the sillier mistakes but other than that, few complaints.
Missing Sexton big time tonight. France down to 14 you'd be playing the corners. Crowley not in control so far.
Sexton shat the bed against NZ with a Ross Byrne impression, playing in the pocket shovelling the ball to his centres who were great considering the service. Crowley made a few mistakes but was top class playing the ball to oncoming players flat on the gain line, his kicking off the ground was top notch.
Massive credit for sorting out the lineout too. Look what a difference it makes.

Only bum note was a very underwhelming VdF
Porter wasn't great, gave away a bunch of penalties. He did get a good poach in fairness after giving away 2-3 penalties within 10 mins. Also held off a massive pack in the early exchanges, so not a bad performance but not ideal either.
Edit: Apparently there were 5 penalties against Porter in the match, out of a total of 12 penalties conceded by Ireland.
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