The Official Irish Rugby Thread 19/20.


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The RFU banned transgender women from competing in female contact games after evidence showed “advantages in strength, stamina & physique brought about male puberty arevsignificant & retained even after testosterone suppression”.

Id imagine the IRFU are conscious of being sued into penury for injuries
They really had no choice. While I am fully in favour of trans equality, there is no physical equality if someone has transitioned from male to female.

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Trans Equality Together

Comprising of;
TENI, BeLonG To and LGBT Ireland, Amnesty International Ireland, Bród West Cork, Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC), GCN, Intersex Ireland, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, the Irish Network Against Racism, the National Women’s Council, Outhouse, and Trans Limerick Community.

Have slammed the IRFU's decision


How's about they stfu and allow the IRFU to ensure the safety of their female players.

It won't be TET on the hook for legal damages should a female player be injured by a far stronger trans opponent.

The usual shower of virtue signalling twats who have as much interest in Rugby as the dog wading in.

Well done to the IRFU in being one organisation that won't be intimidated by nutcase trans 'activists'.
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