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The Official Irish Rugby Thread 19/20.

Great to see Jack McGrath back..he has had a tough time with injury. The guy was world class when playing for the lions in 2017. At 32 probably a bit too late for him to rediscover that form but he is the same age as Kilcoyne. Healy at 34 will hardly make the next world cup so maybe there is still a chance for McGrath to push kilcoyne for the bench spot in the next few years. Hopefully Josh Wycherley steps up in the next 12-18 months too

Ulster: Mike Lowry; Robert Baloucoune, Angus Curtis, Stuart McCloskey, Ethan McIlroy; Billy Burns, John Cooney; Eric O'Sullivan, Brad Roberts, Tom O’Toole; Kieran Treadwell, Alan O’Connor (Capt.); Sean Reidy, Nick Timoney, David McCann

Replacements: Tom Stewart, Jack McGrath, Marty Moore, Mick Kearney, Marcus Rea, Nathan Doak, Stewart Moore, Craig Gilroy
I’d thought McGrath had called it a day when I saw his post surgery rehab over the summer, he had a pretty significant hip op I believe. Some going to get back to playing again.

Only caught the first 20 mins last night, Mack Hansen though. Has to be given a shot he’s red hot at the moment.
For once I wanted Leinster to win that game, whilst yes Connaughts style of play is admirable, I feel they are getting some what arrogant and as bad as Leinster are in that regard, I feel Connaught needed to put back in their place.
Ah that’s a bit harsh, I don’t think it’s arrogance but they play such a high risk high reward game that they have to be somewhat confident in what they are doing because a lot of the time it won’t work. The last thing they need is their heads go down, game plan falls apart and then they have nothing.

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