Scoil Stiofain Naofa


Anybody go there? It was dysfunctional as a secondary school, in no small part to the apathy of the teachers. It emerged as a college of "further eucation" yet apparently most of the fruitless teachers continued on there getting their paychecks. I have bad memories of that place, for one Ms. Fitzpatrick and Begley whom actively engaged in the bullying of pupils there and Ms. Shine whom I saw beat the back of the students with a meter stick. I remember asking some questions when in science class and the so-called teacher whom obviously was flummoxed responded by saying "you do ask awkward questions" by which sniggers ensued and I did not bother asking enquiring questions after that..... bunch of BASTARDS.
I attended this school from 1991 to 1994, I was new to the country and never been to a public school before so needless to say it was an eye opener, I had never before met such unruly students nor could I have imagined you could possibly get a bunch of teachers (some were good) with such a poor ability to teach in one building at the same time. Jockey Barry was probably the best of them, oh and Mrs Toomey (forgive the spelling) was brilliant!! Made some good friends though.
Maybe it was just me. Again don't get me wrong some of the lads were a great laugh but there was allot of scum too....Bastards stole my bike from the school premises.
Twig (15A)
Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.

30th Jun 2024 @ 4:45 pm
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