Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

I think most would defend free speech and the freedom to express differing opinions but would object to this freedom of expression being abused as a propaganda vehicle for a murdering dictator. The Nazis had a minister of propaganda, should the Western press have given him an open platform?
Are you say Aztek has been censored, that is disgraceful? What reason is given for him being banned? Last time I check we are allowed to have an opinion, you ard saying we have to all follow the same narrative.
The Putin bot's "opinion", supported by glossy memes, is that the Ukrainian government is run by Jews and queers, with a cocaine using fascist Jewish president who is in the pay of the West. Also, that the United States is run by Jews (including memes showing pictures of lots of Jews in government). And of course the usual Putin propaganda that you also promote about the causes or the war and its progress, including the idea that people who support Ukraine are simply sheep. Many of the memes were professionally made and most were lies. Glad he's gone. (But he'll be back).
John Smith
The White Horse, Ballincollig

12th May 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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