Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

i rewatched nightcrawler the other night having first seen it back in 2014/2015 or so. i think i enjoyed even more this time around. jake gyllenhall plays a guy who falls into a career as a 'stringer' - a cameraman who shows up at crime scenes/traffic incidents by listening in on a police scanner.


on the strength of it i watched velvet buzzsaw (same writer/director with gyllenhall & rene russo again), which is sort of a horror set in the art world about a mysterious deceased painter. good performances and it looked good but the supernatural stuff was a bit silly and takes from the film.


must say russo is holding up very well. she is married to the director of the above two, dan gilroy.
Goodfellas snub for Dances with Wolves is one of the greatest injustices ever.

Goodfellas is one of those movies youll nearly always watch if you stumble upon it.

Costner spends 3 hours talking to his dog.

Id say Unforgiven is the last really great film to walk away with best picture
Not such a big fan of Goodfellas tbh. It's good but not great imho.
I rented it on YouTube. €3.99
it (anatomy of a fall) is mainly in foreign though. i've watched the first maybe 20 mins but haven't had a proper go at it yet (that music was driving me mad which I realise is intentional!).

of this seasons oscar nom nom noms I've watched flower moon, the holdovers and Oppie. I'll take in anatomy of a fall at some point but don't think I'll bother with Barbie (watched the first 10 mins maybe), Poor Things (looks stupid, sorry there like), American Fiction or Zone of Interest.

on the fence re Maestro (is cooper a bit annoying? maybe quite annoying?) and know nothing about Past Lives.

i think they should go back to 5 nom nom nominees, which was the case by and large til 2010 - ten is way too many.
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